A tumblr blog about tumblr blogs to make

So I wanted to make a tumblr blog but I didn't know what to make it about. So I made a tumblr blog about tumblr blog ideas.

Jul 5

Tumblr Blog Idea 016 - Cream Cheese on Bagels Photoblog

A tribute to the most delicious combination.

Tumblr Blog Idea 015 - Tumblr Blogs That Have Died

Because this blog sure has been dead for a while

Feb 7

Tumblr Blog Idea 014 - Super Bowl Ad Ideas

Because the ads we typically see on the Super Bowl suck.

Feb 3

Tumblr Blog Idea 013 - Yandere Appreciation Blog

Because not appreciating yanderes may be a bad thing.

Feb 2

Tumblr Blog Idea 012 - Things I’d Buy With A Lot Of Money

First thing I’d buy - a castle

Tumblr Blog Idea 011 - successful autocorrects

Because all we hear about are unsuccessful autocorrects.

Feb 1

Tumblr Blog Idea 010 - A Collection of Bad Pickup Lines

example http://twitter.com/zemichi/status/32605918214488064

Tumblr Blog Idea 009 - Your Oregon Trail Experiences

Personally I always shot Buffalo whenever I could.


Tumblr Blog Idea 008 - Count How Many RP Accounts A Fictional Character Has

Inspired by this screenshot from 7thwraith - http://twitpic.com/3vdjvz

An impressive example of idea 003


Now you know what wallets to buy.

( Original idea: http://tumblr.com/xeb1e8jdak )

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